Boron believes that there are four fundamentals to effective real estate investing in every stage of the real estate investment cycle:

  • A thoroughly calculated investment strategy using a top-down approach to identify the investment course of action;
  • Prudent initial decisions by buying the right property, in the right market, at the right time, with the right business plan and the right team to execute it;
  • Skillful portfolio management and anticipation of risks before they occur in way of prevention.
  • Creating value through proactive asset management and wowing customers through superior customer service.

Boron serves the strongest industries based on the current and future market, taking a top-down approach by perceiving the economy and market as a whole and analyzing the big picture. Based on the findings, Boron delves into the details and selects the specific local markets and industries to service with housing based on global, national, and local conditions. Boron builds products that are superior than the competition and provides superior customer service through proactive property management which achieves domination on both product and service levels.

Due Diligence and
Hands on Driven

Research and
Numbers Driven