Since 2006, Boron Capital has completed multiple projects concentrated on U.S. real estate ranging from apartments to executive corporate housing facilities. Boron has invested in regions and industries based on demographic, employment and economic indicators.

Most Investments are completed and are not open to new investors. If they are open to new investors, they will be specified below:

Investment I:Multi-Family


Investment II:Apartments


Investment III:Manufactured Home Community


Investment IV:Apartments


Investment V:Corporate Housing Developments


Investment VI:Corporate Housing Developments, Apartments & RALF’s



2012 – 2019


The Corporate Housing fund focuses on the corporate housing sector with new construction developments, and provides corporate housing for corporations in the strongest global sub-markets. The corporations Boron provides housing for produce revenues between 20 million to over a billion per year, and are in the most stable industries in the world. Contracts are signed with large corporations which ensures reliability of the leases. Pre-leasing of the development by tenants has begun for these projects, and contracts have been signed with both million and billion dollar companies.

The Apartments fund focuses on emerging markets with room for equity growth, and focuses on purchasing existing complexes and re-positioning them to add value, thereby increasing returns.

The Assisted Living Fund focuses on acquiring and building residential assisted living facilities in projected growth markets with upside potential, improving the care and quality within the industry, providing a much-needed product for this demographic and producing favorable, long-term investments.

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